Welcome to Bananas Bar Restaurant Luxembourg Place d´armes

Welcome to Bananas Bar

Banana’s Bar and Kitchen


For more than 17 years now, we provide ambiance, good times, relaxed moments, as well as a home away from home, to all our guests. We are very proud, of the fact,  that our kind of atmosphere is totally compatible with a thoughtfull and efficient service.

We are situated in the heart and center of the city, just off Place d  Armes. Regulars as well as the occasional guests, of all age and social groups appreciate our original decoration and a unique welcome to all.

Our kitchen brigade offers good and tasty food all day. Prepared with care, love and fresh ingridients. The serving staff combines, looking carefully after you and putting a smile on your face. Banana’s biggest asset : good mood and a large smile at almost all times....

The People in charge of your welcome and comfort are :

  •         Sneezy, Happy, Bashful, Dopey, Sleepy and Doc.........
  •         are also among us, try to match the names yourself..............

Banana’s DJ s are known for their personal choice of music. It could be defined as : relaxed, swinging, heart throbbing, head nodding, smile bringing, but mostly, eclectique. We span between the sounds of yesterday, the day before yesterday, today, sometimes even the ones of tomorrow.

Pretentious and snobs please refrain.....



Reservations have to be made  by phone only.

See new Number in contact or about us.
No response to e-mails or sms. Thank you
We accept table reservations!!!!

Les troupes du Banana’s, continueront à
s’occupper de tous et de tout le monde, individuellement
(sur demande et très cher, rendez-vous obligatoire) ou en groupe.

Si vous voulez mettre des Photos sur le site, contactez nous de toute urgence.

If you want to upload pictures on our site, please contact the management.